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Range of products

In addition to our program of items in stock, we supply:

• Threaded bolts
• Threaded rods
• Locking screws
• Hexagon socket screws
• Washers, resilient sleeves
• Metallic lathed, milled and threaded parts
• Products manufactured according to drawings

from both standard and special materials.


We also supply fasteners in the following property classes:
3.6   4.6   4.8   5.6  5.8   6.6   6.8   6.9   8.8   10.9   12.9   14.9

Of course, METLOG can also manufacture products from special materials not listed in detail here, such as: titanium, hastelloy, monel, Inconel, and nimonic.

Click here for a list of our materials.

Are the materials you need not listed here?
Then please contact us. We will take care of your needs.


It is important to the METLOG team to be able to offer you the required fasteners in a wide range of different materials.